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Modern Kitchen In The Restaurant

Albuquerque Hood Cleaning cleans all the key ventilation, filtration, and exhaust systems that are the heart and lungs of a commercial kitchen. We clean and service the filters, the hoods, the grease traps, the ducts, the fan hinges, the oven ventilation, and the rooftop grease containment.  We do all the dirty jobs you really don't want to have to and we do it to the highest standards so you never have to worry about compliance with safety standards.  We don't just clean, we inspect and maintain so you avoid costly downtime, food hygiene issues, impaired workplace safety, and above all the fire risks that come with poorly functioning ventilation systems and the inevitable grease build-up. Our grease containment, ducting, and trapping systems are themselves a huge step towards better fire prevention and one that is noted and approved by both the fire department and the health inspectors. Which in turn leads to approval with your insurers. We go beyond grease containment in terms of fire safety, however, with a full range of fire prevention services including extinguisher installation, inspection, maintenance, and repair.  Since any extinguisher is only as effective as the person operating it we also offer training for your staff in all the required elements of fire suppression, personnel safety, and customer management in the event of an emergency. These are just a few of our most in-demand services, but if you have questions about any others then don't hesitate to get in touch. Call (505) 985-5356 to get started. If you've got a kitchen in Albuquerque then it's time we talked.