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Albuquerque Hood Cleaning - About

Albuquerque Hood Cleaning is your partner in the restaurant business keeping your kitchen equipment clean, safe, and legal. While you might be concerned about the idea of paying for your commercial kitchen cleaning our professionalism and experience means that only does it mean you get the job done right, but you can be sure of complying with safety standards.  Better yet, in our long experience in the business, we can tell you that proper maintenance will save you money in the long run because your exhaust, vent hood, and grease removal systems are the lungs and circulation of your kitchen. If they clog and left to their own devices they inevitably will, then you lose business, find yourself on the wrong side of the law, and can be on the receiving end of liability suits. Plus good maintenance ensures the longest possible life for your valuable commercial kitchen systems and that means that we genuinely believe that by paying for our professional services you will be saving yourself money in the long run. Call (505) 985-5356 now to get an obligation free estimate.

We don't just clean, we schedule your maintenance and inspections in such a way that your business keeps on running but you know your equipment is not going to suffer failures that endanger health and hygiene.  Which also means you don't have anything to fear from fire or food safety inspections. Plus your own staff will appreciate the fact that you don't ask them to do the dirty jobs and instead value the safety of the workplace enough to pay professionals to do it. That's a great relief when you've got a busy restaurant to run. Call us now to find out more.