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Rooftop Grease Containment

Albuquerque Hood Cleaning - Rooftop Grease Containment

Your cooking heat extraction units take heat, fumes, and smoke out of your kitchen and away from your staff, your customers, and your establishment but that's not the end of the story.  Tiny droplets of fat and grease are also sucked up with that exhaust and lifted by the hot air flowing up and through your hood exhaust fan. Those greases, oils, and semi solid fats then collect up on the roof and create a serious problem on many levels. Aside from the fact that these deposits are every bit as gross as they sound – and they can be seriously bad for your business if that gets pointed out and advertised by clients, neighbors or authorities.  Which is why you need Albuquerque Hood Cleaning to take care of that, not just with one off cleaning but with the strategic installation of our range of rooftop grease containment technology.

Fire Risk

The biggest single risk of grease build up is that it can be seriously flammable.  It's not simply that grease and fat themselves burn and burn hot but that in an uncontrolled build up they will be mixed with all kinds of other particles from food residue to animal and bird debris from the roof or leaves and twigs which all help increase the likelihood of combustion. Worse, some of the elements of that mix can act as wicks which help fat build up burn longer and brighter.  Which is why the fire department and health authorities will want to inspect your rooftop regularly to ensure you have proper containment in place. Don't leave that to risk; call on the professionals to keep your restaurant business clean and in the clear.

Pollution and Water

It's not just the fire risk either. Grease is a contaminant and once it's on the roof and in the open it will surely mix with rain water and flow.  Any pollution or staining damage that causes will be your responsibility, as well as a very bad advert for your business.  So make sure that rooftop grease is kept under control.

Grease Catching Tools

At Albuquerque Hood Cleaning we have a wide range of different ways of managing the inevitable grease from extractors.  The classics are grease catchers, and grease traps serve to catch that grease, while grease gutters flow it where you want it to be.

Other Grease Containment Options

Traps and gutters are a good start but real protection can require a number of accessory systems, especially from commercial kitchens where there is a lot of frying.  Everyone loves fried food, but nobody wants to deal with the results in the exhaust. Which is why as well as traps and gutters we also install a range of grease pillows, grease socks, hinge kits, and pavement protection.  We can also inspect your existing filter and catchment systems and explain how to upgrade them or seal them to ensure that grease doesn't end up spilling out and onto the roof itself in heavy rainfall.