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Restaurant Vent Hood Cleaning

Albuquerque Hood Cleaning - Restaurant Vent Hood Cleaning

Restaurant vent hoods have a lot more to them than meets the eye.  It's easy to underestimate their complexity partly because all you really see is that stainless steel box above the cooker, and partly because a lot of people compare them to the hoods you have at home which are far simpler and easy to maintain than their commercial cousins.  The vent hood system has a number of key components every single one of which has to be kept rigorously clean or the whole system will fail resulting in smells, poor and possibly illegal work conditions, fire risk, and hygiene problems any one of which can be the kiss of death for a restaurant business.

Saving Money

Cleaning a restaurant vent hood includes the grease filters, the fan and the supply fan both of which will have filters that need to be individually tended to. That's before you consider the supply fan duct, the motors, the vents, and the controls all of which are susceptible to build ups of grease and oils and all of which will fail if that is left to accumulate.  If that failure goes unspotted you're in trouble, but even if you do notice the failure of the vent hood system and its components failure means repair, not to mention downtime, all of which is costly.  Which is why engaging the professionals at Albuquerque Hood Cleaning isn't just a smart move and a time saver – it's likely to save you money in the long term.

Highest Standards

Because lives are literally at stake if your kitchen vent and kitchen exhaust systems aren't maintained properly there are industry standards that specify just how they should be cleaned.  However well meaning you might be, just having a go with a pressure washer and a brush is not going to reach those standards.   Albuquerque Hood Cleaning complies with the exact specifications of the National Fire Prevention Organization's NFPA 96.  That's the standard for Ventilation Control and Fire Protection of Commercial Cooking Operations.  We comply with the highest standards so that you don't have to worry – and nor does your insurance company.

Dedicated Technicians

Because of the complexity of commercial restaurant vent hoods we have specialists in the separate parts of the system.  So while some technicians will work on the 'roof' (the upper part of the system) or the ducts, you can be sure that the technician who check and cleans your vent hood is a specialist in that system – that's how seriously we teak the vent hood cleaning process.

Overnight Soaking

We work with the restaurant trade and we know how sometimes you just can't afford downtime.  So where possible we will fit in with your opening hours and peak times and, for example, arrange component soaking in cleansing baths overnight to ensure that your system is ready to roll for the next serving session. Call us now and you'll find we don't just concern ourselves with your equipment but with your business itself as we schedule full inspection, cleaning, and maintenance that saves you money, keeps you safe, and keeps your business booming.