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“From pizzerias to pit-smoked barbecue joints” - that's how the official visitor's guide to Albuquerque describes the amazing range of fine dining on offer in our city and we're there to keep those kitchens turning out the best food in New Mexico.  Every kitchen is different, and different volumes of cooking, not to mention different techniques of cuisine make a huge difference when it comes to the exhaust and ventilation systems required not only to keep up with the demands of a smoking, steaming kitchen but also the vigilance of the local authorities.  We know that you have more than enough to do running the place, managing your staff, keeping customers delighted, and trying to turn a dollar in the process.  We also know that you didn't get into the restaurant business out of your love for de-greasing the ducts and maintaining the oil filtration systems.  Fact remains however that if someone doesn't do the dirty work food hygiene and workplace safety suffer. Fire risks spring up, standards compliance goes out the door, and one way or another your entire business is heading for trouble. So why sweat it? Get the professionals from Albuquerque Kitchen Hood Cleaning on the job. We can schedule your maintenance work on a custom timetable designed to keep your kitchen turning out the dishes while staying the right side of safety standards and fire risks. Because we maintain your equipment to the highest working standard you can be sure that a clogged exhaust filter isn't slowly killing your extractor fans. Good maintenance means money saved in the long run: but only if it's done on time. Which is why you need to call Albuquerque Kitchen Hood Cleaning today to arrange your first visit and sort out a schedule. Call at (505) 985-5356 or email us now to save money and sleep soundly.